Ways to Awaken Mother Earth

It is a matter of great concern that the Earth where we live is experiencing conflicts and chaos. Just as we don’t actually experience a peace of mind in our daily lives, so is the Earth. Why is the world we are living in experience negative changes? It’s actually our fault! Humans have a natural nature of being discontent of everything. That is why we are now living in a world of modern technology as well.

However, since a great and continuous change is happening in our world today, everyone of us are affected not only the earth where we live. The invention of electronic gadgets and appliances, heavy consumption of energy, and the use of natural resources affects the earth.

If we don’t know how to conserve energy and water, what do you think will happen? Expect an unimaginable scene! Regret is waiting for mankind unless we know how to care of the earth. If negative actions of humans continue to happen, we are all doomed!

The earth is our home. If we lose our home, who are to be blamed? No one is to be blamed but only us! We must not be the ones who abuse the Earth. Instead, let us be the ones who protect the environment. There are plenty of ways to save the Earth. You can use Eco-friendly products, conserve energy and water, do recycling, help lessen pollution of any kind, lessen power consumption, etc. If you want the future generation to still live on the earth, start your day thinking about the solutions to have a better tomorrow.

The world in the past

Blue world


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