Human Ways: Destroy or Sustain

There are two results of human works: Destruction or Life. Among so many places of the world, there are just little areas that are reserved from any exploitation and are protected from pollution that could affect the living creatures and non living creatures there.

Many things have been changed on this earth because of human actions. People throw their garbage here and there ignoring the fact the these garbage will cause clogging, flood and death of the living creatures on land and sea. All the creatures on land and sea are suffering because of us. Anyway, we will all of these soon. If we ignore the fact that we will reap all of these, then we will all have the same end. Some will listen to the grounds of the dying earth but there is nothing that we can do if this earth will surely come to final destruction.

Actually, if we see its logic, its natural that the earth will suffer like this because human population is increasing and human activities are increasing for industrialization. People could not stop working for factories and harmful products that really affects all living things. If only there is a way we can stop all of these, it could have been already stopped. However, people have already become greedy for technological and other concern advancement. What we can only do is to make sure that we do not abuse our nature and should practice the process of 5Rs. It is not hard to sustain things on this earth if we only try.

The world in the past

Blue world


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