The Effects of Global Warming throughout the World

There is a rampant or rapid change in our climate these days. We can observe that these changes don’t happen only in one side of the earth. It is happening all over the world. Unexpected phenomenons are happening and these events make the people scared. Numerous people are becoming victims of these unexpected changes. It brings bad effects to our environment. Global warming is even getting worse than before.

You can see in the above infographic about the effects of global warming. Global warming happens not only in a certain specific area. It happens throughout the world. People usually think that global warming happens when the earth’s temperature gets hotter. Each of us can easily feel what’s happening in our world today.

Then, what about in the future? On one side of the earth, some countries experience warm or hot weather which is sometimes unendurable. On the other side, countries experience heavy snow that never happened before. Like this, unexpected phenomenon is occurring these days.

An unheard disaster is happening today. Ice caps or ice sheets are continually melting which is the cause of flood or even a great tsunami. If this will continue to occur, there will be a continuous rise of the sea level which can cause great disasters in the near future. The residents living in coastal areas will be at risk! Even a hundred-story building will be wiped out if global warming continues.

Is there any other way to prevent this? Human beings don’t have the control of the universe and heavenly bodies. Even the current events in our life, we cannot really say that we have a control of it!

The world in the past

Blue world


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