In the beginning, that is recorded from 6000 years ago, the world was so peaceful and the world was color blue and green—blue for water and green for land. Men enjoyed clean water and they drank water from rivers and springs. Men only hoped for how they can survive through these green and blue.

Ancient people never imagined that the world will become like this at the end of 6000 years. Animals grazed on the green pasture and man toiled on the ground. In those days, there were no disasters like landslide flood and the sea was so green. There were more kinds of animals than what is existing now. There were no garbage like plastic,wood, bottles. There were no floating stuffs on the river and the sea was so blue, greenish. In the past people enjoyed washing their clothes in the river. There were no air pollution because there were no smoke caused by cars and factories.

Glaciers in the past were so thick and it was not too hot like the climate now. In the past, people were contented of what they had. Kids knew what they had to in the agricultural society. People only lived by hunting and farming and people also enjoyed living near the sea and people enjoyed eating sea food without worrying that sea foods may harm their health. The song “From a Distance” describes about the world in the beginning. That song is a motivator for humans today.

The world in the past

Blue world